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who is nic rollo?

I've been recording and making music since I was 15.  For the longest time I found myself frustrated working with producers and engineers (spare a few) who could not seem to understand or achieve the vision I was chasing.  After Covid hit I decided to learn how to produce and mix myself, and since then my mission has been to help artists around the world (and in my hometown Perth) realise their musical visions and create memorable records.  I love experimentation and pushing boundaries, if you like that too then we will get along great!

Below are a few songs that I've had the pleasure of working on, and a link to an extended Spotify playlist discography. 

Songs Mixed By Me

Cloning - Autumn Hour
IV DANTE - Lily Of The Valley
Simone Strauss - Naked
Darlene Da Silva - Wasted Calendars
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